3D Printing

This section shows the the required 3D prints for this year’s drone

For AVR, you’ll need to 3D print some parts for your drone. While not needed immediately, these are good to get started with:

Explore each of the subsections to see what you’ll need to print.


To download parts select the download button.

Onshape Download Button

Onshape Download Button

Change the units from Meters to Millimeters.

Onshape Units Selection

Onshape Units Selection

The export page should resemble the following. Press OK.

Onshape Export Page

Onshape Export Page

Landing Gear

3D prints for the landing gear


3D prints for mounting the ZED Mini camera


3D prints for the thermal camera gimbal


3D prints for the Tello drone

Fire Escape Platform

3D prints for the fire escape platform

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