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The AVR codebase is currently hosted on GitHub. Not to be confused with Git, GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets you manage Git repositories. In order to customize the software on your drone, we ask you to create your own account, join an organization for your team, and host a version of that project in github

GitHub Account

To get started, follow this link and create an account. If you already have a GitHub account, you are free to use that.


You’ll want to create a group where you can set access permission for your code to the rest of your team. In your profile settings, add an organization. If an organization has already been made, ask your team leader for access.

Forking a Repo

Bell engineers have created the base AVR repository here. If you’d like to make changes to this codebase in order to modify your drone, you will need to fork the repository.

A fork is a copy of a repository. You will be able to make changes to the code without modifying the Bell codebase. To fork the AVR codebase, click on the fork button on the top right of the AVR GitHub Repository. If someone on your team has already done this, ask them to share access with you.

Bell AVR GitHub Page

Bell AVR GitHub Page

Configure Jetson for the New Repo

Take note of the url of the repository you just made.

URL of the new repository

URL of the new repository

We will need to change the upstream URL on your Jetson. Run the following commands:

cd ~/AVR-2022/
git remote set-url origin

Your Jetson should now be configured for your forked Repo.

Syncing with the Bell Repository

If the Bell team makes changes to the main code repository, you will want to update your code fork to include those new changes. Updating your forked repo is simple in Github. Navigate to the main page of your repo, and select this “sync” option:

Fork Refresh

Fork Refresh

This option will allow you to see if your repository is behind. If it needs an update, simply select “Update branch” and sync the repository with your Jetson.