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Checkpoint 1: Initial Flight Test

1 - Before You Fly

Much of the work done so far has created the foundation for your AVR drone. The following videos will talk through the process you should follow each time you fly. These are important checks to make sure your AVR drone operates correctly and keeps all team members safe.

Pre-flight Checks

Installing Propellers

Place your AVR drone in its desired takeoff location and install the propellers as demonstrated in the video below.

2 - Flight Test

Let’s Fly!

We have covered a tremendous amount of information to get to this phase of the competition. Now it’s time for our first flight test! Watch the video below to understand the basics of getting your AVR drone in the air and how to control it.

3 - After You Fly

As discussed in the Flight Test video always be sure to power down your AVR drone and run a voltage check on your battery. Always refer back to the battery documentation if you have any questions regarding charging, maintaining, and storing your battery.

Congrats on building your AVR drone, configuring it, and performing your first flight test!

We know it has been a challenging and hopefully rewarding journey, and there will be a lot more exciting things planned as you work towards the competition.