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System Setup

Your Jetson should already have the operating system installed and configured for you. These instructions are provided in case you need to wipe your Jetson and start fresh.

Initial Setup

Select “Ok”

Scroll through agreement and select “Ok”

Select your language

Select your country

Select your timezone

Allow clock to be set to UTC

Creating your account

Enter a name, such as your school’s name

Choose a username, such as “avr”

Choose a password

Retype your chosen password

When asked about resizing the partition, leave the default.

Network Configuration

Setting up a network connection is not needed at this time. To bypass this, select “dummy0” and let the autoconfiguration fail.

Go ahead and select “Do not configure the network at this time”.

Final Setup

Select an appropriate hostname for your Jetson. “drone” is a good choice.

Choose the “MAXN” power mode.

Let the installation finish. Once it’s done, reboot your Jetson.